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Meaningful Sport – Prof Gunnar Breivik (Pt3) | Sustainability | Deep Ecology | Sport-as-Exploration | Arne Næss | Heidegger | Sport Philosophy

November 27, 2020

Sustainability is a pressing concern in our collective human agenda worldwide. But what would ecologically sustainable sports look like? How much do we need to rethink the way we practise sport or even the fundamental idea of sport?

This is the third and final part of our discussion with Gunnar Breivik who is a professor emeritus at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. Professor Breivik’s work has been foundational in the philosophy of sport, and it was a great honour to have him in the podcast sharing his thoughts. Ecological sport has been one of the key topics of Prof Breivik's recent work. In our podcast, he discusses the works of Arne Næss and Martin Heidegger that have inspired his thinking around 'green sports' before sharing his own vision of what needs to happen for our sport to become more sustainable.

Gunnar Breivik is Professor Emeritus in Sport Social Sciences at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. His pioneering work in philosophy of sport over several decades has covered a range of areas including studies of intentionality, knowledge, skills, and other aspects of human experience and action in sport. Moreover, he has conducted many empirical studies in sport and physical activity from psychological and sociological perspectives, including studies on personality in high-risk sports.

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