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Telling Stories in Physical Education (Pt2) - Jim Harte - Meaningful Sport Series

October 8, 2021

This is the second part of our conversation on storytelling in physical education with Jim Harte. In the past decade, Jim has worked with an innovative approach to physical education which is about inviting young people into a story and living that story throughout the school year. The story is lived through in songs (musical learning) and a performance that finishes the school year.

In this second part of the episode, we explore where the stories come from, learn about the ideas behind this year's story "The 20th Kid" and hear about the legacy that Jim hopes to leave in the world of physical education.

Jim has recently retired but continues to be active for example via his YouTube channel that includes resources (tips, interviews, etc.) for students, players and coaches. You can follow Jim on Twitter @Msccamp

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