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Meaningful Sport – Sam Jarman | Identity | Professional Golf | Self-enquiry | Professional Philosophy | Applied Work

December 4, 2020

Many of us start playing sport because we just fall in love with it. However, many athletes who progress to a higher level of competition lose the joy of sport on the way and their sport-life becomes filled with worry and anxiety. This is a phenomenon Sam Jarman has encountered in many athletes he has worked with. Sport has become a means to happiness rather than an experience of happiness in itself.

In this episode, Sam tells about his life as a professional athlete and subsequent work on the mental side of sport, including the philosophical perspective that guides his work. According to him, we first need to address the 'Big Questions' about the nature of reality and our beliefs and values before thinking about any techniques to try to solve our problems. And actually, if we confront and address these questions, the other problems might resolve; we (again) just play our sport.  

Sam works with teams, coaches and players in a number of sports, helping them learn about the mental side of their games. He has written two books on the subject for golfers. Originally a golf professional, he has experience working in professional football and rugby environments, as well as amateur clubs and schools. He currently works as the Wellbeing and Performance coach for Buckinghamshire Cricket and BB&O Golf.

Sam brings a different approach to learning about the mental side of sport, emphasising understanding and self enquiry, rather than prescribing techniques or coping strategies.

You can find out more about Sam and his work at and on Twitter @SamJarmanGolf

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