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”The Olympics is a Disaster for People who Live in Host Cities” - Drs Mac Ross & Michael McDougall (Pt2) - Meaningful Sport Series

October 22, 2021

Why should people lose their homes for a hockey game to happen? The Olympic Games has been celebrated as a way of bringing people together and providing inspiration for the spectators. However, it is rarely mentioned that in many host cities, hundreds if not thousands of people have been displaced from their homes for the Games to take place. As our guests have argued in their article in Washington Post, "The Olympics is a disaster for people who live in host cities". This episode examines this statement and whether there is hope for a better future.

In this second part of our conversation with Drs Mac Ross and Michael McDougall, we examine the serious human rights issues that have accompanied the hosting of the Olympic Games.

Dr Michael McDougall is an Assistant professor of psychology at Keystone College, specializing in culture, sport and organizations,

Dr Mac Ross is an Assistant professor of kinesiology at Western University in London, Ontario, where he teaches history, sociology and management of sport.  


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