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Meaningful Sport – Dr Matteo Luzzeri (Pt3) | Athlete Burnout | Meaning in Sport | Applied Sport Psychology | Writing Interventions | Future Research Directions

December 1, 2020

This is the third and the final part of our discussion on Meaning in Sport with Dr Matteo Luzzeri. In the previous parts of our discussion, we explored the foundations for the study of meaning in psychology and Matteo's empirical research.

In this last part of our discussion, we review the lessons learned from Matteo's studies. What would he do differently if he had all the time and resources? We then explore Matteo's experiences of doing applied work with athletes and situations when questions about meaning arise. And very importantly, Matteo shares his thoughts on future directions in this nascent line of research on meaning in sport psychology.

Dr Matteo Luzzeri completed his doctoral dissertation in the field of sports psychology from Florida State University. He is also a professional water skier, a coach, and has a very popular water-skiing podcast ( 


For the previous parts of our discussion, see:


For Meaning in Sport Questionnaire (MSQ; Luzzeri & Chow, 2020), see:



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